Use cases empowered by your label intelligence solution

Integrate your tailored Label Intelligence Solution into your label & packaging processes and benefit globally from unique digital services like mobile product authentication.

This selected list of use cases should provide insights into some of the many services that you can offer your partners and customers. All use cases require you to serialize your products and to use our Label Intelligence platform, where you can build new or integrate existing digital services.
Cross- and Upselling

During the point of purchase, you can incentivize customers to learn about and purchase additional related products that they discover on their phone once they scan or tap the product.

Direct Marketing & Sales

Engage your customers directly with advertisements and sales offers and channel your online traffic away from online platforms to improve your brand’s bottom and top line.

Product Insurance & Warranty

Do your products require special care or do they have a long warranty? Connect to 3rd-party insurance providers and offer personalized and context-driven solutions for each item.

Global Product Authentication

With our secure and interactive brand protection solutions, you can protect your brand and your products from counterfeit by adding security and authentication features to your labels that allow your partners and customers to verify your products just with their mobile phone and down to an item-level. Additional security levels further help to reduce the risk of counterfeit and help in counterfeit detection. This enables anyone with a mobile phone to verify whether a product is genuine or not, anywhere in the world, without needing to know what to look for or how to distinguish the original from the fake product.

Product Provenance

Now, more than ever, consumers want to know where their products where made, when, with what materials, how, and by whom. Consumers want more transparency in order to make more informed purchase decisions.

Product Repair

Let your customers know how to repair your products through tutorial videos or extra services and log an item-exact repair history for each product in order to provide full transparency.

Product Support

What if your customers need support from you? Now you can help them directly as they only have to scan the smart label and they can book an oil change or chat with your support team.

Product Track & Traceability

Know where each of your products is, down to an item level, along your entire supply chain. Trace each step of your product and collect and analyze new data points every time.

Product Trainings

Unsure whether your global sales team is trained to inform your customers properly about your products? Offer product- and brand-related trainings through our business app.


Products that are still in their original state and in their original packaging can be resold by the owner without much effort because now it is easier to prove whether the product is an original and in good, untampered condition.

Community Registration

Invite the people who love your products the most to contribute to an online community with topics covering only your brand and your products, accessible only through your products.

Tamper Evidence

With tamper evidence solutions, you can ensure that your products haven’t been refilled or tampered with between time of production and when they reach your partners and consumers. Electronic solutions let you detect tampering just with your mobile phone.

Customer Reviews

77% of consumers use their smartphone to check product reviews. Inform them the next time they make a purchase and help them make the right choice. Make your customer reviews available to your consumers and offer them a new level of trust and transparency.

Instant Reorder & Subscription

Amazon Dash, anyone? With smart labels, your customers can reorder or subscribe to your product without the use of any kind of button – instead, just by scanning or tapping the smart label with their phones.

Product Returns

One of the more complex after-sales processes is the handling of product returns, which can be handled more easily by allowing customers to deal with returns directly and in a more flexible and innovative way.

Grey Market Analytics

With grey market analytics, you will be able to trace your products, see where they have been scanned or tapped along the product journey, and whether or not they are active in their target market or somewhere else.

Product Recycling

Do you have products that need to be recycled properly or in a certain way? Help your customers handle your products the right way at the end of their life cycle by informing them how they should be recycled.

Product Expiration

Do your products have any sensitive expiration dates? Include sell by, best before, or the expiry dates to help your customers use your products safely.

Product Chat Bot

Include a product-related chat bot that consumers can chat with when they tap or scan your product. What better way to talk directly with your customers and help them with any questions they have than during the point of purchase?

Self Checkout

Allow your retail partners to implement self checkout systems in their retail stores and let your customers purchase your products in-store and just with their mobile phone.

Mobile Couponing

Offer your customers item-based and time-sensitive coupons on their mobile phone when they scan or tap your product.

Omnichannel Track & Trace

Be able to track and trace each product item globally, along your entire supply chain, and throughout all sales channels.

Loyalty Programs

Make it easy for you to reward and for your customers to collect loyalty points when they purchase your products so that they only have to use their mobile phone.


With mobile gamification elements, you can attract new consumers by inviting them to play games or solve riddles related to your product.