Smart Label Features

contactless authentication & interaction

Unique & Secure “Tap-Me” NFC Tag

Near Field Communication (NFC) technology connects the physical world securely with the digital world and allows the secure p2p transfer of electronic data between the tag and a NFC device. The “Tap-Me” NFC tag is applied to each product item or package during the production process and can be read by any modern NFC-enabled smartphone or tablet without an app. The ideal read range of the “Tap-Me” NFC tag is between 5 and 10 centimeters. Users can access digital services like product authentication or track and trace simply by tapping the NFC tag of the product, which leads to new opportunities and allows brands to come up with creative and interactive services that enrich the shopping and user experience.

Extensible with UHF Tags (RFID)

Radio Frequency Identification through Ultra High Frequency (RFID-UHF) technology increases the read range of tags to up to 10 meters and more, depending on the configuration you choose. Furthermore, it makes it possible to read tags in bulk (instead of p2p), which opens up many relevant use cases along the entire supply chain. With RFID technology, you can identify up to 400 objects per second simultaneously. This set-up may require additional hardware (antennas, etc.) for warehouses and retail stores, depending on your particular label intelligence solution.

Extensible with electronic tamper proof function

Electronic tamper evidence functionality records whether a product has been refilled, manipulated, or the label has been removed.

digital printed security features & interaction possibilities

Variable Data Printing

Variable data printing (VDP) lets you create unique labels and serialize your products with various 2D-codes like datamatrix and QR-codes. VDP can be extended to graphics, colors and images with almost no limits.

Secure QR-Code

Our variable, secure QR-code with 3-Level protection combines copy protection, serialization for verification, track & trace, and consumer interaction possibilities, all in one feature. Offline and online authentication possible with our dedicated app.

Digital Invisible Ink

Contains pigments that are only visible under specific UV-light (wavelength 364 nm). Thanks to our digital printing capabilities, it is possible to design individual and fully variable data printing opportunities.


Consists of symbols and fonts that are embedded in a black bar or character. The hidden feature is barely visible with the naked eye and can be found only with the help of a light source. Easy to implement and integrate on pretty much any label.

Hidden Images

Invisible digital-printed watermarks that can only be read with an app. The image data is variable and can be configured on a batch, article, or item-level.

holographic security features


A Nanogram™ arises out of modified e-beam technology and achieves a high-secure uniqueness similar to a DNA strand. It contains various overt and covert features for 4 security levels.


Lasercoding burns marks and numbers in the surface of the label, making it possible to give batches, articles, or even items individual numbers that are printed onto the label. This identification is an additional security layer that helps identify your products.

Tamper Evidence

Tamper Evident Functionality by special material or die-cutting options protects against unwanted manipulation, refilling and removal of the label.