1. What are Label Intelligence Solutions?

Label Intelligence Solutions from All4Labels are smart and secure label solutions for brands with which they can serialize their products, make their labels smart, protect their brand, and offer direct interactive mobile services. Each Label Intelligence Solution is customized to the needs of each brand and the use cases it wants to solve. Our Label Intelligence Solutions consist of smart labels and a cloud platform that enables the management and analysis of unique product item IDs as well as of connected product services.

2. What does product serialization mean?

Product serialization is the process where each product item is identified uniquely with a standardized SGTIN (serialized global trade item number) or a self-defined serialization pattern. This is the prerequisite for tracking, managing, and analyzing the product item throughout its entire product life cycle.

3. Why is product serialization important?

Product serialization is important because it allows you to identify products on an item-level. This increases transparency along the entire product supply and value chain, reducing counterfeit, shrinkage, theft, and more. Furthermore, it is important because without it, we could not give each product item a dynamic reference ID, a so-called digital twin ID to which all forms of dynamic content and services are connected and through which all forms of data points are collected.

4. What is a dynamic reference ID (DRI)?

The dynamic reference ID is a unique digital twin URL of each serialized product item that is created by and stored in our label intelligence platform during the printing and serialization process. Depending on event algorithms, the DRI refers dynamically to content, campaigns, and context-driven services and can communicate with the mobile phone when the smart label is activated.

5. What brand protection services do you offer?

We offer various brand protection solutions for your brand and your industry, depending on the use cases you want to solve and the security measures you want to implement. You can choose to implement hidden images, blackmarking, holograms, or NFC chips, which allow your target groups to verify your products with their mobile phone or with special devices.

6. Do consumers need an app to access Unique Product Authentication and Smart Product services?

No, consumers do not need an app to access any of the Smart Product services that you want to offer. All they need is a modern smartphone with which they can read any NFC tag (by end of 2018, two thirds of all smartphones will be able to read NFC) that is applied to your products. For B2B, however, we do require an app as these services require additional security and verification settings.

7. What do you mean by “ready-to-go”?

By “ready-to-go” we mean a solution that can be implemented quickly and with minimal customization, allowing your brand to benefit from our label intelligence solution from the start.

8. Can I connect All4Label’s label intelligence platform with existing ERP, POS, and CRM systems?

Yes. In fact, the API-based platform architecture was designed exactly for this purpose. We recommend you connect the Label Intelligence Solution platform with your existing IT systems in order to reap all of the benefits that come with the smart label strategy of your brand and to increase the transparency of your workflows and the quality of your data throughout.

9. What B2B and B2C digital services can I offer my partners and customers?

For a selected list of digital services that you can offer your partners and customers, see here (link to use cases). We recommend for these services, however, a smart packaging and an advanced CRM strategy as well as the IT systems (ERP, POS, CRM, etc.) to support, manage and analyze all of your product-related transactions.